VW Goodwill Offer

Read the Stipulation and Order.

We have been working hard on your claims against Volkswagen. We have filed a number of cases against Volkswagen, and we are already beginning to conduct discovery. Our team has spoken with experts in the fields of diesel emissions, diesel engine performance, as well as economic damages experts who will help us determine the loss you have suffered as a result of Volkswagen’s fraud. Before the end of the year, we expect that the litigation will be well under way. Rest assured that we are pushing your case very hard and will keep you updated as it progresses.

As you may already know, Volkswagen announced what it is calling a “Goodwill Package” on www.vwdieselinfo.com.¬†Our understanding is that it offers current owners and lessees of affected Volkswagen and Audi 2.0 liter diesels a $500 Visa gift card, a $500 Volkswagen credit to be used at an authorized dealer, and three years of free roadside assistance. Since the announcement yesterday, our team of lawyers has reviewed the fine print terms and conditions. We have had conference calls and exchanged emails with counsel for Volkswagen concerning this “Package.” Of note, in the terms and conditions section we found an arbitration clause and jury waiver which concerned us.

We were initially concerned that accepting this offer would preclude you from recovering the true damages you are due. After significant research by our team, and confirmation in writing from Volkswagen’s counsel, we are satisfied that you may take the “Goodwill Package.” Although Volkswagen may argue that this is a set off to future claims, it in no way will affect your rights to claim the full amount of damages you are due. It will not affect our representation of you against Volkswagen.

We believe VW’s motive for doing this is twofold: get you to go to the dealerships using the $500 dealership credit which might result in possible sales or trades of the impacted vehicles, and the hope that you will feel differently about Volkswagen now that it has provided some, but not nearly enough, money to you. Rest assured that this is nothing more than a tactic designed to enhance the severely damaged reputation of Volkswagen. We will continue to press it to fully compensate you, a victim of this massive fraud.

In sum, you may sign up for the “Goodwill Package” but please be mindful of signing or agreeing to anything else without contacting us first. If you are at all concerned about any additional documents, please do not sign it and get us a copy to review. Volkswagen has been made aware of our representation of you and that you are asserting a claim against it. We have informed Volkswagen that it is not supposed to contact you except in the event it needs to update you on how to fix the impending recall on the emissions. We will update you on future progress via email.