Taylor Bartlett to present in Illinois on Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

On June 25, 2014, Taylor Bartlett will present oral argument in the Circuit Court of Cook County Illinois on behalf of all Illinois Actos Bladder Cancer Plaintiffs.  Taylor will argue that Takeda misrepresented to the Court the facts concerning its production of documents.  Specifically, the Taylor will present evidence that Takeda’s former lawyer made knowingly false misrepresentations concerning Takeda’s production of Non-Responsive Family Members “NRFM.”  Additionally, Taylor will argue that Takeda subverted Illinois law when it redacted thousands of documents for privilege when no valid privilege claim existed.  On behalf of the Actos Bladder Cancer Plaintiffs, Taylor will ask the Court for an order requiring the production of all Non-Responsive Family Member documents as well as costs and fees associated with the Plaintiffs’ work in securing the production of thousands of Takeda’s improperly redacted documents.