3M Military Earplugs Lawsuit

Millions of Service Members Put At Risk for Hearing Loss by Earplug Design Defect

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3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs™ issued to millions of service members allegedly have a dangerous design defect that allows the user to be exposed to dangerous levels of sound that can cause hearing damage. As a result of the defective design, the Combat Arms Earplugs™ will subtly loosen while being worn. This loosening allowed dangerous levels of sound to enter the ear canal and cause hearing damage and loss. Of all the ongoing medical problems facing soldiers today, hearing loss is one of the largest issues. What’s worse is that the defense contractor who sold the earplugs to the US Department of Defense knew about the design defect and knowingly put millions of service members at risk for hearing loss.

The following represents wars and foreign conflicts between 2003 and present where service members were issued the Combat Arms Earplugs™:

  • War of Afghanistan
  • The Iraq War
  • War in North-West Pakistan (part of War on Terror)
  • War in Somalia
  • Operation Ocean Shield in the Indian Ocean
  • American-led intervention in Libya (2011- part of Libyan Crisis)
  • American-led intervention in Iraq (2014 – 2017)
  • American-led Intervention in Syria (2014 to present)
  • Yemeni Civil War (2015 to present)
  • American Intervention in Libya (2015 to present)

The Department of Defense brought allegations against 3M for selling dangerous and defective Combat Arms Ears™  and 3M paid $9.1 million to resolve the claim (CAEv2). However, no help or compensation has yet been provided to the actual service members who suffered the damaging effects of the defective earplugs and have experienced hearing loss and damage.

If you were issued the defective 3M Combat Arms Earplugs™ and have been diagnosed with or are suffering from hearing loss, you may qualify for significant financial compensation. You do not have to have served overseas to be eligible.  Contact one of our Earplug Lawsuit attorneys today for your free case review.

In fact, prior to becoming an attorney,  Kathryn Harrington, a member of HGD and  the MP3 defective ear plug litigation team, served on active duty in  the military for eight years and as a reservist for five additional years. As a result, Kathryn  shares the veteran’s  unique experience and  the veterans perspective when it comes to attempting to access military records and other aspects of the military systems regarding potential claims. Kathryn  is always ready to assist any vet that may have a question about the 3M ear plug claims. She, as well as any other member of the 3M team, can be reached by calling our 800 number:

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