Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Metal-on-metal (MoM) hip implants were originally marketed as more durable and innovative than their older counterparts. Claims that they would extend the lifespan of artificial hip joints have proven false as MoM hip implants often fail prematurely and pose serious health problems.

When the friction of the metal on metal hip replacement releases metal shavings and dust into nearby tissues and blood, this can lead to many painful side effects including cobalt poisoning, metal in the blood, metallosis, severe inflammatory reactions, loss of mobility, pain in the groin, breakdown of muscles, tendons and other soft tissue, and bone loss.

Hip replacement or revision surgery is one of the most common joint replacement procedures performed in the United States. Many people find relief with this surgery and go on to live active, productive lives. Some, however, have suffered debilitating side effects.

Metal-on-metal hips include models from DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, Stryker, Zimmer, Wright and others.

All of the various metal-on-metal hip replacement systems have been recalled or been withdrawn from the market by the manufacturers amid increasing evidence of metallosis, pseudo tumors, and cobalt/chromium poisoning.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no fee unless and until we win for you. Our straightforward fee agreement sets out the simple terms of our fees and costs when we win your case. We will never ask you to send us money.

Depending upon the analysis of your medical records and confirmation of the model of your hip implant, your case may be filed in one of the metal hip MDLs or in a State Court coordinated proceeding.

No. A class action is where one or two people represent everyone and make the decisions for you. With metal hip claims, each case is individual and you, with your attorney, make the decisions about the important events in your case like whether to enroll in a settlement program when it becomes available. In the legal world, this is called a “mass tort”.

Probably not. With thousands of similar cases filed before yours, it is very unlikely that you will ever have to go to Court. 99% of cases like this resolve in a settlement program.

No. We do not sue or make any claims against your doctors. We believe that the surgeons are the victims of the greedy medical company as well. In fact, many doctors have told us that the company “sold them” on the metal hip design by promising that it was the best choice for younger and more active patients because of the stability of the materials. Unfortunately, those companies lied to the medical community and you suffered because of it.

No. When a settlement happens there will likely be a “base value” subject to adjustments depending upon certain criteria. You will decide whether to settle your claim or not (with the advice of your attorney).

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