Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for this lawsuit?

You may request a packet from us either online or by calling us at 1-800-241-9779. Once we receive this request we will place a packet in the mail for you to fill out and return to us.

Turner v. Allstate was filed in Alabama. I’m not from Alabama, can you still represent me?

Yes.  We represent clients from all 50 states.

What remedy are you seeking with this lawsuit?

We are seeking only an equitable remedy.  In this case, the equitable remedy we are seeking is the reinstatement of the Allstate paid premium.

If this lawsuit is successful and Allstate continues the life insurance policy it promised to provide, how are you paid?

The judge is the ultimate decider of this.  We are asking, pursuant to ERISA, that the judge order Allstate to pay our legal fees if the plaintiffs are successful.  Because this is an equitable suit, without easily measurable damages, the judge would award fees based upon hours spent and our experience.  If we are not successful, our firm will pay all expenses.  No plaintiff will ever receive a bill from our law firm that they must pay nor will they have any out of pocket expenses.

Isn’t this a class action? If so, why do I have to sign up with your firm? 

Filing a lawsuit as a class action does not automatically make it a class action. In order to be a class action, the court must approve it as such.  If this lawsuit is certified as a class action, retirees who meet certain criteria will be included in this class even if they don’t sign up with us. However, this lawsuit may not receive class certification, meaning that it may not be a class action.  We are prepared to represent all clients individually, even though they are part of a large group.  If this lawsuit is not certified as a lawsuit, and we are successful, then only those who are signed up as clients would be eligible for any remedy. We can’t negotiate on your behalf if you’re not our client.

I’m reluctant to send my social security number, will you accept the paperwork without my social security number?


I have papers and benefit statements leading me to believe the life insurance I received from Allstate is a lifetime benefit, should I send these documents with the paperwork I received from your firm?

Yes, please send us any documents you think we may find important.