Huge Win for Plaintiff in Class Action Against Virginia College

Today, in a big victory for the plaintiff, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the district court’s denial of Virginia  College’s motion to compel arbitration. The Court found that the plaintiff’s claims were related to being a student at Virginia College and not related to his employment there.  Therefore, the scope of the plaintiff’s arbitration agreement did not encompass the claims he brought against Virginia College.

The plaintiff in this case, Keven Robinson, sued Virginia College and its parent company, Education Corporation of America, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated, for allegedly awarding worthless degrees, deceiving former and current students, and depriving students of postgraduation services and employment opportunities. The case is Keven Robinson, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated, versus Virginia College, LLC, and Education Corporation of America. The attorneys representing the plaintiffs are Lew Garrison, Taylor Bartlett, Chris Hood, and Mark Ekonen with Heninger Garrison Davis law firm in Birmingham.

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