How Can I Qualify for a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

by HGD Staff

A consumer class action lawsuit occurs when groups of consumers are negatively impacted by something they have purchased and/or used at some point. Companies that have produced a product that caused harm to people in some way are often sued and required to pay a sum of money to those who were affected by it. The sum of money could be as little as $2 per person, but sometimes those involved in consumer class action lawsuits receive hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you are wondering how you can qualify for a consumer class action lawsuit, there are several things you need to know.

Make Your Claims Known

The best way for you to qualify for a consumer class action lawsuit is to make your claims known. You may have heard about a lawsuit against a company that you have purchased products from at some time. If you have experienced problems, you should make a claim online or with help from a lawyer. Your claim should include details of the issues you have encountered as a direct result of using that product.

For example, you may have purchased shampoo and conditioner from a specific brand that promised to deliver amazing results. If the shampoo and conditioner caused more damage to your hair or even made it fall out in large chunks instead of helping it grow longer and thicker, you need to make the company aware of the problems you have encountered. You cannot expect to qualify for one of these lawsuits if you have not made any claims.

Have Plenty of Proof to Support Your Claims

Not only is it important to make a claim when you experience a problem after using specific products, but it is also important to gather evidence as proof of the harm caused. While evidence is not always required during these types of lawsuits, most companies are going to want to see proof of any problems that have occurred from using their products. These are just a few of the ways for you to start stacking up evidence against the company and its products:

  • Take pictures of any injuries that you might have. Continue taking pictures over the span of several weeks to provide updated shots of the injuries.
  • Visit your physician or go to the hospital to discuss the problems you are experiencing after using the product. You need to have this information documented by medical professionals.
  • See a specialist. Depending on the injuries you have, you might want to see a specialist.
  • Provide proof of a financial loss. Even if you have not been physically injured, you may have experienced a major financial loss if your information was compromised because there was a major company data breach.

The more evidence you have available, the better your chances are of qualifying for a consumer class action lawsuit and receiving compensation from a company that has done wrong to you. Although it is not always easy to gather a substantial amount of evidence, you should keep track of everything possible since you used the defective product in question.

Thousands of consumer class action lawsuits are started each year. These lawsuits are filed when a product causes harm to consumers, when there is a data breach that exposes private information that belongs to the consumers, and even when a company makes false promises to the consumers without delivering on those promises. The consumers have the right to receive compensation for several reasons. They may have wasted their money on a product that did not work, or they may have been severely injured due to faulty products. It is even possible for consumers to have their sensitive information exposed to hackers. If you are in a similar situation, you may qualify for a consumer class action lawsuit. You should reach out to an attorney for legal advice.

Think You Might Qualify for a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit?

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