Alabama Lawyers Make a Difference and Support Birmingham Education Foundation

Erik Heninger presents $2500 grant to J.W. Carpenter for Birmingham Education Foundation

Montgomery, AL—Thanks to a nomination from local attorney Erik Heninger, Birmingham Education Foundation has received a $2500 Making a Difference Grant from the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation (ACJF) to assist with programs and services.

The Making a Difference Grants nomination process encouraged attorneys who participate with ACJF to identify organizations in local areas that are positively impacting the community.  ACJF awarded $77,000 to 30 nonprofit groups across the state.

“It is especially rewarding to offer funding that supports the outstanding work that is being done by (organization) to help others locally, and we are proud to invest in communities in this manner.  Also, we greatly appreciate the attorneys who recognized the importance of these organizations and submitted nominations,” Rip Andrews, ACJF President, said.

ACJF’s grants are possible because of the generosity of Alabama lawyers who work diligently for justice in the courtroom and their communities.  Founded in 1992, funds from the ACJF Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts program as well as from contributions have allowed the Foundation to award more than $12 million to nonprofit organizations statewide in ACJF’s 25-year existence.

ACJF is proud to represent the nearly 2,300 attorneys who support its efforts to demonstrate a genuine concern for the disadvantaged in the state and to assist in turning this concern into genuine help for those who need it the most.

“Our grants truly have a statewide impact. We not only fund programs and services in local communities, but we also fund projects that have a statewide capacity. Many of these organizations look to us for vitally important funding which is why it is gratifying to know that we are able to fund large and small projects and touch so many lives in the process,” Nikki Thomas Davis, ACJF Executive Director, said.

For more information about the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, visit or call 334.263.3003.


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