How To File An Uber Related Injury Claim In Birmingham

Being an Uber driver has its own advantages. You get to set your own hours and you can decide to do it as a side gig. Every occupation has its risks. Being an Uber driver exposes you to potential car accidents. You should make sure you’re insured just in case anything bad happens. You might also need a Birmingham auto wreck lawyer just in case things get out of hand. You can rely on Heninger Garrison Davis to provide sound legal counsel and to represent you in case of litigation. Most Uber drivers would like to know how to claim the insurance in case they’re involved in an accident.

How Does An Uber Claim Work

It is mandatory to have insurance when you’re signing up with Uber. Most States require that the Insurance covers personal injury protection. The good thing about it is you get to be paid the benefit regardless of whose fault it was that caused the accident. You should know that most Insurance companies don’t usually cover ride sharing. You might find yourself in trouble if you subscribe to the service offering.

According to Uber, you as the driver are responsible for covering third-party liability if you are found to be at fault. There are limits to coverage but the general ones include:

  • $25,000 for property damage per accident
  • $50,000 per person in case of any bodily or physical injury

There are states that are generous when it comes to injury protection. The compensation includes survivor benefits, disability, and medical expenses. The no-fault is a requirement in most states which makes compensation automatic.

Starting A Claim

The first step in getting the claim is going to Uber’s official website. You should look for an Insurance company that specifically covers Uber-related accidents. Most of the claims will require that you report via email or regular mail. There are forms that you will need to fill that is available on Uber’s website. There is the trip verification form whose purpose is to determine and verify that you were using Uber’s app at the time of the accident. You should look for a personal injury attorney who has worked with Uber before. It makes it easier as he/she knows the process, thus saving substantial time.

Insurance Claims for a Birmingham Uber Driver

The first thing you do is to report the accident on the fare review page. A company representative will reach out to you with an incident report form. The form will be then sent to the insurance provider by Uber for review. Most insurance companies respond after a few days. You should follow up if you think there is a delay in response from the side of the insurance provider. It should be noted that Uber could forward the issue to the insurance company.

Insurance Claims for Uber Fault Accidents

Uber can pay up to $250 inconvenience fee if the damage is beyond just a few scratches and dents. Uber might also be able to assist you with claiming the insurance. In many cases, you will need an expert legal guide in order to help you get fair compensation in your claim against an Uber driver. Whether you are another driver involved in an accident or a pedestrian, you need to fully understand your rights and get help receiving fair compensation from Uber and other ride sharing giants, many of which take little to no action in such claims, instead putting the problem on their insured drivers.

You can check out for examples of motor-related accidents and how to go about the claim process.


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Our attorneys are still here to help with your legal needs. We are now offering legal consultations by telephone or via video conferencing.


Our attorneys are still here to help with your legal needs. We are now offering legal consultations by telephone or via video conferencing.

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