Urgent Care or Emergency Room Care After a Car Accident?

The Importance of Seeking Proper Medical Treatment After A Birmingham Auto Injury

Going through an accident can be one of the worst experiences in life. It might leave you with physical and psychological pain. Recovering might take time depending on the severity of the accident. There is also the damage to property which might set you back a couple of thousands. That is why you need a Birmingham auto wreck lawyer to make sure you’re back to your normal routine as quickly as possible. Heninger Garrison Davis is a law firm you can trust to help you get the best out of the process. You might not be in pain after an accident but that does not mean you shouldn’t seek medical attention. You could have sustained internal injuries which could be life threatening without you even knowing.

Types of Accident Injury Treatment

The emergency room is the ideal choice if you have sustained any life-threatening injuries during the car accident. The name is self-explanatory and it is usually the hospital wing that is well-equipped and ready for emergency situations. Such emergency treatments could include broken bones, severe burns, uncontrollable bleeding, severe trauma or even difficulty breathing. You should ask for medical proof of any physical injuries for the purposes of insurance.

Wait Time

The waiting time will differ if you compare the urgent care with that of the emergency room. Urgent care tends to be faster when it comes to treating patients. Most patients that go through urgent care usually don’t wait for more than 15 minutes. Emergency rooms are the opposite. It is not always about first-come-first-serve basis because there could be someone who is in urgent need of medical attention compared to you. This could mean waiting even longer, especially if it is not a big hospital with a lot of doctors and nurses. Urgent care is usually open all hours of the week and you can seek medical attention at any given time. A car accident might happen at any given time and you don’t want to go for an option that has restrictions when it comes to the hours.

Medical Costs

Medical costs are usually a big consideration when it comes to decision making. Some people could decide to skip seeking medical attention when involved in an accident because of the costs involved. Such people may not have proper medical insurance. By doing this, they jeopardize their chances of getting the claim because there is no proof of physical harm or injury. Make sure you go to the hospital if you’re involved in an accident. This is important especially if the accident is not your fault. Chances are high that you will be compensated even for the medical bills that you incurred as a result of the accident. If you’re on a budget and concerned about the costs, urgent care is recommended. You get access to medical services easily and you get the proof in case you want to claim.

Contacting A Birmingham Auto Accident Attorney

You have two options when it comes to seeking medical treatment after an accident; but there is only one option for an injury attorney in Birmingham: Heninger Garrison Davis. Call us today to find out how we can help represent your accident claim, or few our full range of services at https://hgdlawfirm.com/practice_area/trucking-and-motor-vehicle-collisions/.




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