Heninger Garrison Davis Attorneys named to Class Action Executive Steering Committee

Heninger Garrison Davis, LLC law firm, along with HGD partner Jim McDonough and Of Counsel attorney, Dr. Francois Blaudeau, have been appointed this month by Judge Michael J. Davis of the US District Court, District of Minnesota, to the plaintiffs’ executive steering committee in In Re: CenturyLink Residential Customer Billing Disputes Litigation (MDL 17-2795).

The class action complaint against the telecommunications giant alleges that CenturyLink routinely promised low prices during the sales process to the consumer only to charge higher amounts on monthly bills. Additionally, CenturyLink added unauthorized charges during billing on an ongoing basis, resulting in customers being overcharged tens of millions of dollars. Although CenturyLink claims that the customers’ concerns are mere “billing disputes,” plaintiff’s counsel alleges that the company’s uniform “generate-sales-at-all-costs” business model was forced on its sales offices and employees along with reckless incentive programs. These aggressive and deceptive sales practices, as well as unlawful conduct, caused the customers to suffer the abuse of being over-charged for services they may or may not have ordered and abuse of harassment by the sales representatives when the customers tried to report and correct the charges.

The consolidated class action complain is filed in the United States District Court, District of Minnesota.



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