CenturyLink suit means you can reap lost payments for big business overcharges

September 27, 2017









Was there ever a time when companies whose services you enlisted only charged you for the ones you received? It seems as though more and more frequently scandals cross our computer screens—many of which we realize we have unwittingly become embroiled in. The latest in a long list of overcharging, overbilling scams comes from none other than CenturyLink, the third most used wireline landline provider in the United States and a vastly popular choice for people in the state of Alabama.

People have various reasons for maintaining a landline. In Alabama, especially, valleys and mountainous areas where several locals live do not receive adequate cellular tower service. In opting to live somewhere beautiful or somewhere perhaps slightly more secluded than the average subdivision—these people employed CenturyLink’s services to remain connected to the outside world. In case they needed to reach someone. In case someone needed to reach them. In case of emergency.

These people—those who entrusted their phone lines to CenturyLink—were let down.

During the summer of 2017, it was discovered that various CenturyLinks across the United States were billing consumers higher monthly fees than sales agents had quoted for broadband and pay TV service. A formal complaint was filed against Louisiana-based CenturyLink alleging that as many as 35 individual consumers were misquoted prices upon agreement of services and then charged as much as two to three times more. Since then, separate class-action suits have been filed against CenturyLink in seven states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington).

In late August 2017, Heninger Garrison Davis announced their own class-action suit against CenturyLink, LLC and a number of their subsidiaries on behalf of Alabama customers who were changed for plans and/or charged for extra services without their consent to these services or costs. As a premier plaintiff’s firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, Heninger Garrison Davis attorneys possess the knowledge, skill, and fortitude to tackle the landline giant. The team at Heninger Garrison Davis believes you have a right to any overpayments you may have lost in what appears to be CenturyLink’s attempt to overcharge the public.

If you believe you’ve been charged more than you agreed to pay for services from CenturyLink or you were billed for CenturyLink services you did not agree to, please reach out to the dedicated team at Heninger Garrison Davis today. You will never be charged any fees up front. In fact, you are only charged attorney’s fees in the instance that you receive a financial settlement. In short, if you don’t win, Heninger Garrison Davis lawyers will not get paid a legal fee. Call today for your free case evaluation 1.800.241.9779 or click here to learn more.

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