HGD Participates in AHiF’s Brain Freeze Challenge to Help Bring Awareness to Traumatic Brain Injuries

Shayla Washington, Erik Heninger, Lew Garrison and Tim Davis

The team at Heninger Garrison Davis held an on-site “Brain Freeze Challenge” in conjunction with our community partner, Alabama Head Injury Foundation (AHiF), to bring awareness to the many challenges faced by those who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Scott Powell, Executive Director of AHiF, was on hand to share the many benefits that the foundation provides to people who have suffered a traumatic brain or spinal injury. Pat Motley, the East Alabama Resource Coordinator for AHiF, also came to the event to share information about the valuable resources offered to clients.

One of the specialized practice areas for HGD is Brain and Spinal Injury, and the team often works with clients who have suffered devastating injuries. Attorney Brandy Robertson also sits on the board for the AHiF.

Scott Newton, a client of AHiF, talks about how a TBI changed his life

A true 5013-C non-profit agency, AHIF employs Resource Coordinators across the state who work with clients and their caregivers.

Specific services include the following:
1.  Identification of local resources to aid with home modification and/or independent living.
2.  Support in securing appropriate Medicaid/Medicare/Disability payments.
3.  Financial Management
4.  Support in securing donated or discounted medical equipment
5.  Recreational Support Group meetings for clients and their caregivers.

6. AHIF provides respite care to caregivers, giving them, at no cost, a brief break from the demands of 24/7 care of a loved one.

7.  AHIF provides a weekend camp for survivors at Camp ASCCA.  Camp provides survivors with a special and unique time of recreation and fellowship.

One of the life-altering side-effects involved in a TBI is a similar aching in the skull to what is recognized as the “brain freeze” that occurs after consuming a cold item too quickly. For that reason, the Brain Freeze Challenge helps bring awareness to what those who are suffering from a TBI may experience, as well as highlight the AHiF resources available to those who have experienced one.

If you would like to contribute to the Alabama Head Injury Foundation, please follow the below link to make a tax-free contribution.

Brandy Robertson AHiF Giving Page

AHiF Executive Director speaks to the HGD group about TBI’s and the services that the foundation provides.
Pat Motley, Scott Powell, Mary Phillips, Brandy Robertson, and Turner Collins

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