Brain Freeze Challenge Comes to HGD on August 2nd!

It’s summertime—which in Alabama means the only reprieve from the heat comes in keeping yourself submerged in water while keeping plenty of cool treats on hand! We’ve all done it before: Excited to savor that creamy scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or revel in the refreshing sweetness of a cherry popsicle, we chomp down. Before the sugar can coat our palates—ouch—a sharp sting shoots straight up to the brain.

BOOM—brain freeze!

As proud partners with the Alabama Head Injury Foundation, Heninger Garrison Davis is excited to bring brain freezes to its Birmingham team on August 2nd. The Brain Freeze Challenge, an initiative to spread awareness about traumatic brain injury (TBI), will combine favorite summer snacks like popsicles, ice cream, icees, and other cold treats with compassionate attorneys dedicated to helping clients receive compensation for complications associated with TBIs.

According to Brandy Robertson, a committed Alabama Head Injury Foundation board member and one of our dedicated attorneys, The Brain Freeze Challenge is a fun way to bring attention to one of the United States’ most devastating injuries. “Often people who have survived a TBI describe a daily headache they experience as being similar to that of a brain freeze,” she says. “People giving themselves a brain freeze can therefore build understanding for just one of the many challenges TBI survivors endure each day.”

The Brain Freeze Challenge will be held on Wednesday, August 2, at the offices of Heninger Garrison and Davis at 2224 1st Ave. North in Birmingham.

“I think we have all eaten ice cream or a popsicle at one time or another and ended up with that headache that comes from eating it too fast,” says Brandy. “Of course, in these instances, the headache eventually goes away—but who doesn’t love to eat ice cream or popsicles in this heat?! Of course, your brain freeze isn’t legitimate until you document it with a picture that can be shared with others!”

If you would like to make a donation for The Brain Freeze Challenge, visit the AHiF site here. If you would like to take The Brain Freeze Challenge, please document your pictures and share them with us on our Facebook page here!

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