Lew Garrison gives an interview with HBO Vice News Tonight show regarding the Wells Fargo Phony Accounts Class Action Lawsuit

Garrison fighting Wells Fargo’s shaky fine print arbitration clause

Lew Garrison, one of Heninger Garrison Davis’s founding partners, is taking the lead in a national class action lawsuit filed against banking giant Wells Fargo for losses incurred by customers when the bank opened more than 2 million unauthorized fraudulent accounts. However, Wells Fargo has been trying to derail that lawsuit.

Wells Fargo and other financial companies have frequently used the arbitration clause tactic to stop class action lawsuits. They point to the agreements customers sign that contain fine print requiring them to enter arbitration. Customers forced to enter into the arbitration agreement may have given up their right to be part of a class action suit. However, the question remains, if Wells Fargo breached their fiduciary agreement with the customers by using identity theft and other fraudulent means to create fake accounts, are the arbitration agreements still enforceable?   Tune in on January 12 to” HBO VICE News Tonight” to hear the latest update from Lew Garrison as he discusses this very important and controversial legal case.

The show will be VICE NEWS TONIGHT airing on HBO at 7:30 PM. Viewers can watch it on their HBO channel or via HBO Now.  HBO offers a 30 day free trial for people who don’t have the channel. 

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