Heninger Garrison Davis sperm bank lawsuit receives national attention

Heninger Garrison Davis attorneys, Lew Garrison, Taylor Bartlett and Brandy Robertson are part of a team representing parents who were allegedly misled by Xytex, an Atlanta-based sperm bank. In the complaint filed on March 31, 2015, the plaintiffs claim that the donor the company provided for them is a schizophrenic with a criminal past whose photo was doctored to make him look more attractive. Our clients were told that their then-anonymous donor had an IQ of 160, a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience and a master’s degree in artificial intelligence, and that he was working on his PhD in neuroscience engineering. He also was described as an eloquent speaker, mature beyond his years, and healthy.

Last June, however, our clients received an email in error from the sperm bank that identified their donor and led them to eventually discover that almost none of that was true.  Their sperm donor is schizophrenic, which is genetic and hereditary, thereby risking all of said donor’s offspring. The donor had also dropped out of college and held no degree whatsoever. He had been charged with burglary.  Additionally, the donor’s photos had been doctored and a large mole on his cheek had been removed.

The case as been featured on People.com and ABC News.

The complaint can be read here.


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