Steve Heninger in New York Times: Free Speech vs. Infringement in Suit on Alabama Artwork

In the specialized field of sports art, Daniel Moore is well known for his paintings of the University of Alabama football team in action. But he soon may become similarly recognizable in legal circles as his fight against the university’s charge of copyright infringement heads to the Alabama Appeals Court.

Mike Leach’s Lawyer On Finebaum: Craig James Called Texas Tech Staff From ESPN Booth

Mike Leach’s new lawyer stayed on the offensive this week, taking his tour to — where else? — Paul Finebaum’s show on Wednesday. In just about a week of work, Stephen Heninger, formerly lawyer for Mike Price and current lead attorney for Leach, has already sent out a press release accusing Craig James of making conflicting statements and called into The Finebaum Show. There’s probably not a better way to get started than this.

Alabama’s embarrassing lawsuit against artist Daniel Moore continues

What’s an Alabama national championship without another Daniel Moore painting? The latest one revealed this week will be called “Restoring the Order.” Now, if only order got restored to Moore’s career. The University of Alabama’s embarrassing lawsuit against Moore over trademark rights remains alive seven years later.

Steve Heninger to be on the Paul Finebaum show

Steve Heninger will be on the Paul Finebaum show on Wednesday, January 25th at 4:00pm Central time to discuss the Craig James and Mike Leach case.

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