Long-Term Disability Claims

The national disability insurance law practice at Heninger Garrison Davis is dedicated to helping disabled claimants at all stages of the claims process. We are experienced long term disability insurance lawyers and have represented disability insurance claimants against every national major disability insurance company:

• Filing ERISA lawsuits in federal court across the country
• Battling ERISA disability insurance claims in the administrative process
• Submitting ERISA appeals
• Managing ongoing disability insurance claims
• Helping claimants prepare to file disability insurance claims and to navigate the claims process
• Negotiating settlements of disability insurance claims both prior to litigation and while in litigation

Disability claims are different than any other insurance claim. Once you understand the difference, it becomes clear why disability insurance companies make the process so challenging for claimants.

Disability claims can cost insurance companies millions over many years. If a tree falls on your roof, your insurance company is addressing an incident that is relatively contained from a financial perspective. Yes, roofs and any personal injuries associated with the events are costly, but they are finite. Once the roof is fixed and any injuries have healed, the event is over. This is not the case with a disability claim.

For a high income adult who owns a private policy that pays a benefit of several thousand dollars per month, the cost, or what is known as “exposure” to the disability insurance company, is large. If the claimants is relatively young – in their 40s – and benefits are payable to age 65 or longer, the potential cost to the disability insurance company is huge. These kinds of claims send up red flags in a system designed to maintain control over costs.

Even when claimant’s policies are not so generous, the first goal of the insurance company is to ensure that their exposure is limited.

Further complicating the claims process for you – the insurance companies are not penalized for holding up payments on a claim, for inflicting sleepless nights and anxiety over what happens to you and your family if benefits are not paid in a timely manner, or if they wrongfully deny a claim and your financial health is destroyed.

In a personal injury claim, where there are no limits to the amount of money paid to a plaintiff, the only thing the insurance company loses by denying, delaying or terminating your claim, is the amount that they would have paid in the first place and lawyers fees. Most disability insurance companies have in-house attorneys. Claims only get to the attorneys after you have been through the wringer with claims adjusters, investigators, insurance companies doctors and what feels like an attempt to wear you down until you give up.

All of this is why you need an experienced disability insurance lawyer, one that knows the insurance companies and the claims process and understands the intricacies of the law and the business of disability insurance companies.

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